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Polyethylene, or poly tarps are made of a durable plastic material and offer excellent protection against rain because of their waterproof qualities. Poly tarps are commonly employed as pool covering as well as for covering items kept outdoors that may be battered by the elements through the course of the year. They are also affordable and durable, offering a good combination for a reasonable price as well as an extensive selection of colours.

Canvas tarps are made from tightly woven natural or synthetic fibers. These tarps are usually more rigid than their plastic counterparts and offer a more robust protection against wind. As such, they can be used to create awnings and shade from weather. Canvas tarps are ideal for any application that requires a sturdy and reliable covering.

As well as material and colours, tarps offer a good range of grades and strength. Economy tarps are often the lowest grade and thickness but for everyday use they do a reasonable job of protecting their contents from the elements. They are usally among the more malleable of tarp products and great for general use. Heavy duty tarps offer much greater protection and are most ideally suited to very specific needs or when it is absoultely essential that the items they cover are fully protected.

TarpsToGo - Filling All Of Your Tarp Needs
TarpsToGo is a leading online supplier of canvas tarps, poly tarps, and mesh tarps. With some of the lowest prices on the net we offer economy tarps for everyday use, heavy duty and super heavy duty tarps for even more reliable protection, and fire retardant tarps for specific tasks. We also carry an extensive stock of tarp awnings, canopies, and general accessories.

Tarps To Go - Don't Get Wet!